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This is our first blog post. I think.. maybe someone else wrote one. I don’t know. Anyway last weeks episode was fucking insane. Seriously. Beautifully bizarre. We were missing our wonderful production manager and had a few technical difficulties so there were glitches . A.K.A the video exporting 30 seconds before it was supposed to play and I had to yell out of the projection booth STALL!!! But it was amazing. And in a weird way I am glad those things happened because it was hilarious.

As always Logan, Kyle and Mike nailed it. I missed the Canadiana but watched it back after and it was funking hilarious. We did an entrance where Logan came out as the exorcisist and did a dance routine to “Better Off Alone” by Deejay Alice, at which point his back up aerobic dancers joined him. Then he had a massive freak out and went backstage, Rory chased him down and then Logan did that thing from Dragon Ball Zee where you explode into light… You had to be there.

Signy holm showed a projection piece and it was the definition of art. It was so cool, I can’t explain it in words but it was beautiful. It showed while the Theremin Player Christina Milinusic played to it. Such a cool experience. God damn Julian was laughing, he says it was out of happiness which I believe but I swear if he ever heckles again I will shave his head.

Our guest (Rich Theroux) is one of my favorites. Not just as a guest but as a human. As soon as we started conversing on facebook with book him I knew. Our pre interview was really fun and inspiring and interesting. I wish we had more time because that guy is a gold mine. Also TRUE ART. It was his idea to dress as a gorilla and be on stage painting the whole first half of the show. His instructions were that no one would mention it or even acknowledge him. “The Gorilla in the room” haha. Our former cameraman Martin Carins ended up winning the auction for the painting by donating 65 pounds of potatoes to the food bank. Which I saw today was fulfilled. Hilarious. I wanted the painting but for some reason shouted out that I would give someone a foot massage which I regretted immediately.

Anyways the show was sick. This weeks episode is going to be awesome too. Jan 27th we have the Throwback Episode. I am currently editing one of the skits that didn’t make the cut. It’s called Kyle is a Pigeon and it’s inconceivably senseless. Just like it’s supposed to be.

Karlee OUT

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