How to be Funny - kinda...

When you are part of a comedy show, you would think that making others laugh comes easily. Nope. That is a hard no. In fact, you really have to work hard for it. There has been many a times when the audience is at a stand still of complete awkwardness with out even a willingness to provide a pity laugh, but we push through.

Now, what the real secret is, is being part of the show without ever to really having to make people laugh—lets be serious, we are all hilarious, but not all of us want to go on stage and be judged about it. Amiright. I have been a volunteer for the show for over a year now and I blend right in with the comedians, can’t you tell?

After observing how funny people act for such an enormous amount of time, I can safely say I am an expert. So here are some tips about how to be funny, without ever having to do anything about it.

1) Lower all expectations.

2) Forgive yourself if there is silence; move on if your joke flopped, you are wasting energy that you could be using to put beer in your body.

3) There is a difference between self-depreciating and self-loathing, one is funny the other is really difficult to watch.

4) Remember people are hyper-sensitive, so anticipate some “ooooooohsss” when you sound like a close minded dick, it is 2016 people, racism is not funny.

5) Practice using a microphone with a stand for all the sakes. TWIST and pull people… like a regular right hand motion… or left if that’s your thing ;)

6) Know your audience and be flexible enough to adapt if things are not going your way saving some tasty tid bits for the very end.

Now hey, we are not experts at all, but most of this advice parallels my relationship goals, so at least that is something.

Kaylene is our expert on politics, the smile at the front door, and the person who keeps everyone working well together. The nicer half of the boring team and heterosexual life partner to Brittney.

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